12 Ideas To Help You When Remodeling Your Bathroom

12 Ideas To Help You When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Aside from your living room and bedroom, one place in your home where you can relax and de-stress is in your bathroom. There’s nothing more relaxing than having a steamy shower or enjoying a warm, relaxing bath filled with the calming scent of lavender oil. Just imagine sitting in your tub, enjoying the bubbles surrounding your skin, the fresh aroma floating in the air, and peaceful music playing in the background.

To enhance your bath and shower experience, your bathroom should feel warm and cozy. Aside from making you feel relaxed, a fantastic bathroom interior will help boost your property value. If this isn’t the case with your current bathroom, a remodeling may be necessary.

Hire The Best Renovation Company  

When remodeling your bathroom, you should hire the best service in town to help you achieve your desired look and feel, like from https://kitchenandbath.ca/bathroom-renovations-remodeling/. Before calling your chosen renovation company, you should first verify their credentials to ensure that they’re legitimate and can provide excellent services for your home.

You can also ask for your family and friends’ recommendations, or read testimonials and reviews online to check what their clients think about their work. This should help you decide which company to hire.  

Amazing Bathroom Ideas 

Remodeling your bathroom is a fun experience to have with your family. You can make it as personal as you want, emphasizing your style and design preferences. If you’re still unsure about what design to do or components to include, listed below are the different ideas you could choose from:  

1.Spa-like Bathroom 

One way you can spruce up your bathroom’s interior is by making it look and feel like a relaxing spa. You don’t need to take expensive trips to the spa when you can experience it at home. Of course, you won’t expect a masseuse to be working on your body, but the process of pampering and self-care is still one that you could thoroughly enjoy.  

To create a spa-like look for your bathroom, ensure there’s plenty of open space to make it feel spacious. Add a free-standing tub instead of a drop-in tub, as the latter tends to create a homey look.  

If your budget allows it, try adding a jacuzzi or a whirlpool tub for a luxurious look. You could also install a comfy sofa near the window to help make the room feel more comfortable and welcoming. Ensure that there’s enough space to light up and store your candles. 

2. All-White Modern Bathroom  

If you prefer a clean and modern vibe, an all-white bathroom design will give you that look. This type of design extends the use of the color white to every corner of the room. This means having white walls, ceilings, and floors. You can also install a white sink, toilet, and a bathtub with silver faucets and showerheads.  

For your décor, it’s ideal that you use white window treatments, bathroom accessories, and rugs. You can choose to add a pop of color, but make it minimal by only covering 5-10% of the space.  

3. Pebble-Tile Shower 

If you’re a beach lover and would love to recreate that same feeling inside your home, try installing pebble-tile flooring in your shower area. The pebble texture will make the floor slightly uneven but comfortable, making you feel that you’re touching the ground rather than your bathroom tiles.  

Make sure that the walls match by painting it with beachy hues and muted blues or greens. You can add an indoor plant near the showerhead to give you the impression that you’re showering with nature. Ensure that you clean and maintain the pebble-tile well, as there are many soft edges where dirt could accumulate.

4.Celebrity Bathroom  

If  you’ve always dreamed of becoming a star, why not try creating a bathroom that would make any chart-topping celebrity envious? In this way, you can enjoy being a celebrity inside your home, minus the paparazzi.  

Add a wide vanity mirror by the sink and install light bulbs surrounding the mirror. You can also add an anti-slip bar stool where you can prepare your look for the day.  

Another way to achieve this look is to add dramatic features that help give off a celebrity vibe. Add gold and marble elements to your bathroom while surrounding the room with comfortable and luxurious décor. Place a lounge chair on one side and put up artwork on the walls to recreate that opulent and effortless vibe.

5. Fresh Atmosphere 

If your bathroom is fortunate enough to get plenty of natural light, you should try to maximize this advantage by providing a fresh atmosphere vibe to your bathroom. This design idea will help make the room look more refreshing and relaxing.

Luxury modern home bathroom interior with dark brown cabinets, white marble, walk in shower, free standing tub, two mirrors, flowers.

Luxury modern home bathroom interior with dark brown cabinets, white marble, walk in shower, free standing tub, two mirrors, flowers.

You can achieve this by maximizing the white tones from floor to ceiling. Add indoor plants that are suitable for bathrooms. You can also add a touch of green to your décor including your hand towels, window treatments, and bathroom accessories.  

To balance the greens and whites, try adding wood elements to the room such as rattan baskets, wood-colored rugs, and a wooden mirror frame. These pieces will help give the room a fresh look that’s relaxing and soothing.  

6. Marble Bathroom  

To add a luxurious vibe to your bathroom, use marble. If you’ve ever stayed at a five-star hotel, you’ll notice that their bathroom design is mostly composed of marble and white surfaces. Stepping into a bathroom with marble countertops, walls, and floors creates a luxurious and expensive vibe.  

You can use marble tiles for your bathroom floors and walls, but try to choose lighter colors as much as possible as excessively dark colors make stains and discoloration more visible. This would detract from the posh and classy vibe you’re going for.

Along with your tiles, you can use a marble counter-top paired with an all-white sink, toilet, and tub. You can also install a clear shower enclosure. Get your cabinets painted with white, gray, or black, depending on the vibe you’re going after. Ensure that you provide a ton of bright lights to accentuate the bright and soft finish of the material. 

7. Floral Wallpaper Bathroom 

One common trend for both modern and traditional bathrooms is the use of floral wallpapers. This type of design element lets you emphasize your love and appreciation for art.  

When installing a floral wallpaper to your bathroom, make sure that it’s suitable for bathroom use and that the material can handle water and humidity. To ensure a balanced look, try installing the wallpaper on an accent wall. If you don’t want the pattern to be too overwhelming, avoid using it for every single wall in your bathroom. 

There are plenty of floral wallpaper designs that you could choose from, ranging from their soft and muted patterns to loud and bright ones.  You’ll also have a variety of colors that you could choose from. When using loud floral wallpapers in your sink area, a table-top basin with a colored tap would help tie the entire look together.  

8. Brass Accents 

If you’re tired of the usual silver accents on your bathroom’s faucet, shower head, and cabinet handles, you may want to consider adding brass accents to your bathroom’s interior. 

Brass accents create an irresistible industrial look that’s perfect if you’re going for a minimalist, modern look. Brass is also an extremely durable material. It can easily withstand hot temperatures and corrosive damage.

Brass metal fixtures are also very versatile. You’ll find numerous options for your faucets, showerhead, doorknobs, bidets, cabinet handles, and shower knob. You can even install a bathroom mirror with a brass frame.

Brass accents are usually paired best with white and certain dark colors such as black and navy blue. To complement them, add indoor plants for a softer look or pair with retro accessories for an unexpected twist. 


If you want to take the outdoors inside your home, a waterfall feature is the perfect addition to your bathroom. This type of feature creates a Zen-like aura, making you feel more connected with nature. Bathroom waterfalls create a soothing and relaxing feeling because of their appealing visual and bubbling sound.

You can complete the look by adding a waterfall-type shower feature to your bathroom and incorporating natural stones to the wall. The rocks will help make you feel like you’re communing with nature. With a waterfall bathroom, it’s ideal that you keep the lights to a minimum. Avoid light overload and try to get in as much natural light as possible.  

You can also add a stone and waterfall-inspired wash bin. However, you need to take note that with the type of stone walls and flooring that this design requires, you’ll have to conduct regular cleaning and maintenance as moisture and mold can accumulate in the stone gaps.

Adding any type of water features indoors can be tricky. Instead of turning this into a DIY project, it’s best to hire one of a professional renovation company like Kitchen & Bath so that you can get your money’s worth.  

10. Enlarged View 

If your bathroom area has a fantastic view, you may want to maximize it by taking down the whole wall and replacing it with tinted glass. In this way, you’ll have a truly relaxing experience as you take a relaxing bath in your tub, and enjoy a glass of wine and some appetizing cheese cubes.  

You can also try adding a jacuzzi or free-standing bathtub to the center of the glass wall as this will help you better appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. If you’re concerned with your privacy, you can install a one-way glass so that the people from outside won’t see what’s happening inside.  

You can choose to install a surround sound system and play nature sounds to make you feel more relaxed as you dip into the tub. The spa-like experience and breathtaking view will surely put you in a better mood for the rest of the day.  

11. Allow Access to Walk-In Closet

Almost everyone dreams of having a walk-in closet where you can proudly display all your clothes and accessories. A walk-in closet can make you feel like you’re shopping inside a boutique while you’re looking for the perfect outfit for the day.  

After taking a bath, you’ll probably want to get dressed right away. Instead of leaving the bathroom and heading to your bedroom to get your clothes and get ready for the day, consider connecting your walk-in closet to your bathroom so you have immediate access to your clothes and accessories. You can leave the bathroom dried and all dressed up, ready to go out of the house looking posh and neat.   

12. Maximize Shelves 

A lot of people tend to purchase shampoos, conditioner, bath soaps, bath soaks, toothpaste, and other hygiene products in bulk to save money. It’s also more convenient to stock up, instead of needing to go to the store whenever you run out of any of these items. Aside from necessities, you’ll probably also need to have extra towels and robes stored inside your bathroom for future use or your guests’ use.

Make sure that you have plenty of storage space for these daily necessities. Maximize your shelf and storage space by using dividers or container bins. There are plenty of designs you can choose from. They also come in different shapes and materials.

Keep these items safe and organized inside your bathroom shelves and drawers. Only keep the ones you’re currently using on your countertops to keep your bathroom from looking messy and unorganized. 


Remodeling your bathroom’s interior can be hard work, but with the right company and design, you can finally enjoy taking longer showers and baths, and ensure that the experience keeps you feeling more relaxed and calmer.  

When you’re renovating your bathroom, make sure that you’re choosing a design that you genuinely enjoy seeing and that you’re not just going with what’s trendy. And lastly, use sturdy and high-quality materials that are meant to last a long time so you can avoid expensive repairs and replacements.  

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