9 Signs Your Bathroom Sink Countertop Needs to Be Replaced

Your bathroom can become dated and may need upgrading at one point or another. One way of upgrading it is by replacing its countertop. Most modern bathrooms have a one-piece countertop with an integrated sink. 

The most common countertop you can find in home improvement stores is made from synthetic materials, while the higher-end varieties are made from natural stones like granite, marble, or hard stone. These days, people are even going beyond the traditional and using recycled glass countertops. Click here for more information on this unique countertop material made from recycled materials.

Do you have any clue whether you need to replace your bathroom sink countertop? Don’t worry. This article is going to discuss the things that tell you it’s time to pick your new sink countertop.

When to Replace Your Bathroom Countertop

Whether it is your master bathroom or your powder room, your bathroom countertop is a vital part of your bathroom. Not only does it house the sink, but it is also where you set your toiletries and give the room its distinct style.

The key to keeping your bathroom countertop in good condition is knowing when you need to replace them. To know when it is time to go to get a one, check out some of these reasons, 

Planning to sell your home

One sign that your existing bathroom countertops should retire is when you want to sell your house. According to a recent survey, prospective buyers look at the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom when they are doing house tours.

If you are putting your house in the market, you should change the bathroom countertop to make it impressive. A simple bathroom makeover can do wonders to the value of your property. For it to be showcase-ready, it has to have a countertop that fits the overall style of the house and in good condition. 

You need more space

Another sign that your bathroom counter is due for a replacement is when it no longer meets the requirements of the people living in the space. One reason could be because your family is growing and the current countertop no longer fits you. Another could be because the person who is using the bathroom outgrew the bathroom or is no longer single and needs a bathroom countertop that will hold all the toiletries.

If the bathroom countertop does not provide ample space for everybody, then it could create a problem. It is time to change the countertop into a large one. 

There is a mold issue

The bathroom countertop is very busy and is subjected to wear and tear. When the bathroom fixtures start to leak, it could create a perfect environment for the molds to grow. This is not only unsightly but could pose serious health hazards to everyone using the house. 

If this happens, mere cleaning will not do. It could leave stains and the possibility that the molds would reappear given a suitable condition. The best solution is to fix the leak and replace the bathroom countertop. It will not only upgrade the look of the bathroom but inadvertently avoid potential health issues.

The bathroom countertop is old

The most obvious time when you should strongly consider upgrading your bathroom countertop is when you inherit an old or outdated bathroom.  

It may still be functioning and could serve its purpose but it will no longer be in style. If you have an outdated bathroom countertop, it will make the place look drab and would not be in sync with the whole house. Whatever the case, seeing that your countertop is no longer a showpiece is a sign to let it go.

DIY or Hiring a Professional

Replacing the bathroom countertop can help change the look of this important room. It could make the bathroom look like a million bucks with only a small step. You can have two options when replacing your bathroom countertop: DIY or hiring a professional contractor.

For those who are handy with tools, changing the bathroom countertop is a simple task. It could only take a few hours to complete the installation. Others may find hiring a contractor the best way to get things done. Either way can help you achieve the new look you are aiming for in your bathroom.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Countertop Material

You need to ensure that your bathroom countertop project is successful and to achieve this, the first thing you should be looking at is the material of your countertop.

When replacing the bathroom countertop, you will be confronted with several different materials. Each of these materials has its distinct qualities. Here is a quick rundown of the best countertop material you’ll find.


The most luxurious bathrooms often have granite countertops. It is a no-brainer since this material is durable and scratch-resistant. It can withstand the chemicals from beauty products and the hot curling iron. It is less maintenance too and provides great aesthetics as there are plenty of colors and styles to choose from. The only drawback with granite is its price. 


If it is tough you need, then you can rely on quartz to be the perfect countertop. It is made from sturdy materials that will not get harmed with regular use. It is stain-resistant and can also give your bathroom a great look with different styles and colors. The only problem with quartz is they find it harder to contain heat, unlike granite.


From the high price points, let us go down to the more affordable option. Laminate is a great candidate if you are on a tight budget. It is highly durable and could withstand heavy use. You can also find it in different colors and styles. What you need to know about laminate is it can easily chip and scratch.


Another expensive material for the bathroom countertop is marble. Again, this material is present in the most luxurious bathrooms where it adds an air of luxury. The high price point is justified because marble is durable, heat resistant, and easy to work with. It can also be shaped in every imaginable design. However, marble can easily break, scratch and chip.


The least expensive of the choices, tiles can be seen in a variety of designs and colors. It can fit any chosen bathroom, is heat-resistant, and not prone to staining. The only problem with tiles is the grouting. It can create an uneven surface and is difficult to maintain.

Choosing the right bathroom countertop is a crucial step to make sure you achieve the look you are aiming for. In any case, replacing the bathroom countertop is a great decision to help update the bathroom space.

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