Can Hurricane Proof Glass Be Served as Bulletproof?

Can Hurricane Proof Glass Be Served as Bulletproof?

 Also known as laminated glass, hurricane-proof glass is made by sandwiching a layer of plastic, particularly vinyl, between two glass sheets. On top of being safe, whereby even if it shatters, it does not break into pieces that can cause injuries. Hurricane glass has many other advantages. One is that it can block UV rays and has noise control properties. People living in hurricane-prone areas install windows made of this glass to protect their homes against storms.

When multi-layered, it can also serve as bulletproof glass. 

 Materials used in Hurricane resistant glass windows or impact windows

The difference between the regular glass and resistant glass used for windows is the composition. Hurricane proof glass windows are made of:

Two or more layers of tempered glass 


The tempered glass is made using annealed glass through thermal tempering. The tempering process is what makes the glass stronger physically and thermally thus making it strong and, to some extent, resistant to heat. Tempered glass is four times stronger than the regular glass. While making hurricane-proof glass, two or more layers of tempered glass are used.

Aluminum or steel for the frames


Due to their strength, they are the most preferred materials for making frames for storm-resistant windows.

Polycarbonate layer


The tempered glass sheets are sandwiched with a thermoplastic or polycarbonate layer, which makes the glass resistant to scratching and elastic. The two properties make hurricane glass windows resistant to impact from flying debris.

Materials used in bulletproof glass windows


The logic behind bulletproof glass windows is dissipating the energy of the bullet, which is responsible for the damage. Bulletproof glass windows are made of layers of glass and plastics, which distribute and absorb the power of a bullet, reducing its speed hence its destructive impact. 

Laminated glass (thick layers of tempered glass and polymers) is used to make bulletproof glass windows. Laminated glass contains different types of plastics, including polycarbonate, which adds to the strength of the glass. However, unlike ordinary glass, these layers are thicker to provide enough surfaces for the distribution of energy.

Laminated glass is made by sandwiching a plastic layer between layers of tempered glass, which is four times stronger than the regular glass.

Is it reliable to use Hurricane proof glass as bulletproof?

 Can hurricane-proof glass serve as bulletproof glass? The answer may vary depending on the type of hurricane glass in question. While some hurricane-proof glasses can stop bullets, others cannot. This is mainly due to:




For glass to be completely bulletproof, it must be made of very thick layers of glass. Note that, this thickness may become obscuring, where you may be unable to see through the glass. While hurricane-proof glass is between 0.01 to 0.09 inches in thickness, bulletproof glass is more. Bulletproof glass, on the other hand, is required to be up to 3.3 inches thick. They are thicker to increase the protection level. 

Both the glass and plastic used to make bulletproof glass is thicker than that of used for hurricane-proof glass windows.




The kinds of materials used to make hurricane proof and bulletproof glass are more or less the same. The significant difference is usually in the thickness. The composition may also slightly differ. For instance, while hurricane-proof glass may use vinyl and other polymers for lamination, the bulletproof glass will require an extra and stronger polymer, which is a polycarbonate. 

Hurricane proof glass can serve as bulletproof glass if the process, materials, and thickness of the glass meets the requirements and specifications of bulletproof glass. 

The difference in cost and advantages?

Differences in costs and benefits between the two types of resistant glass vary.



Compared to hurricane-proof glass, bulletproof glass is more expensive. The materials used to make the glass are thicker to increase protection. Therefore, the price is inflated. Sturdy supporting frames and motors for moving bulletproof glass windows are also required. This is also factored in the cost of installation of bulletproof glass windows and doors. 

Reduced insurance costs


As much as bulletproof glass is expensive, it does reduce your insurance costs by even 45 %. The costs are reduced because your property is protected from burglars, elements of weather, and other impacts.

Advanced safety


While hurricane-proof glass can only protect your business or home from the storm or flying debris, bulletproof glass does more. It can protect a high-risk business, your clients, and homes from shooters, hurricanes, and any other impact that can threaten to break into your premises. 

Bulletproof windows are more resistant than their hurricane-proof counterparts.



The thick layers of materials used to make bulletproof glass make it stronger, and more resistant to impact, compared to hurricane proof windows. Since bulletproof glass windows are heavy, extra motors and sturdier frames are used, making the penetration of debris in storms hard to penetrate. With strong support, hurricane proof glass can do the same. However, since it is made of thinner layers of glass and fewer materials, the possibility of debris from raging storms are likely to penetrate. This makes bulletproof glass windows more durable as it can survive the worst of storms. 

Both impact windows and bulletproof windows are made of laminated glass, which consists of layers of tempered glass sandwiched with plastics. The main difference is that the two types of glass windows are made with glass layers of varying thickness, depending on the degree of protection required. 

Bulletproof glass and hurricane-proof glass windows have different costs, which are mainly a result of the difference in processes, materials, and thickness of glass used. While looking for bulletproof glass windows, it is important not to buy from just any manufacturer. 

Research is critical to get a bulletproof glass that will meet your protection needs. Also, look for a manufacturer that provides installation, repair, and maintenance services. Errors and inadequacy during installation can make the impact windows less effective. Consulting experts can help you get the best type of windows for protection. 

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