How to Stop Refrigerator from Buzzing

Is your refrigerator making loud buzzing noises? Most modern-day fridges feature fan cooled condenser coil.

The condenser fan helps circulate air through the coil to remove heat and evaporate the defrosted water.

If your refrigerator is making loud noises, well, the condenser fan motor is highly to blame. Below is a detailed guide on how to soundproof a refrigerator according to Soundproof Nation website.

1. Clean Your Fridge

A dirty refrigerator might be the cause of the buzzing sounds you have been hearing. If you have never cleaned your fridge, dust and dirt must have piled upon it. 

A refrigerator is just like any other machine; it is made of mechanical parts that are prone to rust and dirt accumulation. For instance, a fan can accumulate dust over a period of time.

The dirt may clog those moving parts and cause noise and also cause it not to function correctly. Therefore, it is important you inspect and clean your fridge.

The first place you should start checking is the coil. A coil is an essential part of a refrigerator that cools refrigerant.

Start by unplugging the machine from the wall socket. Your safety is essential when dealing with electronics of any kind.

If the machine is against the wall, pull it away so that you can access the condenser coils. However, if you have a modern fridge, the coils are at the bottom, so unclamp the panel to access them.

Then dust the coils up and use a brush to remove any stuck grime. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck up hard to reach dust from the coils.

After removing all the dust and dirt, return everything in its place then turn on the fridge. If the dirt were responsible for the dirt, you wouldn’t hear any of it.

2. Place Rubber Matting on the Floor

The vibrations on your fridge could be the source of all the buzzing you keep hearing. One way of fixing it is through installing rubber mats or anti-vibration pads underneath your fridge.

The mats can also protect your floors against any damages caused by the fridge. An excellent example of a rubber mat you should consider is Silent Feet Anti Vibration Pads.

The vibration pads will absorb the buzzing noise from the fridge and muffle it before reaching your ears.

Adding a mat beneath the fridge is also a way of decoupling it. The mat reduces the chance of the refrigerator from interacting with the floor, thereby reducing vibrations.

3. Move the Fridge Inside an Alcove

Another way of fixing a buzzing refrigerator is by placing it inside an alcove. An alcove that is covered with acoustic panels is at a better position of minimizing the noise.

However, if you don’t already have a big budget, you can build an alcove then have it soundproofed later. It will still reduce a significant amount of noise on its own.

An alcove is simply an enclosure that surrounds your fridge so as to reduce buzzing noise coming from it. The enclosure also reduces all types of noise, including gurgling. 

Most modern kitchens have an alcove built in them. However, if yours doesn’t have one, you can easily have it installed. 

Remember to leave a gap between the fridge and the enclosure to prevent the refrigerator from heating. If you let it stay close to the walls, it may overheat.

The recommended space is between one and two inches.

The gaps allow air to flow too easily both in and out of the fridge. In case you don’t do this, the refrigerator will fail to function in no time.

When soundproofing the alcove, you may choose products such as Mass Loaded Vinyl (MVL) or foam insulation. The materials are effective at minimizing noise and making an environmentally sound much better.

4. Make Sure the Legs Are Levelled

Buzzing in the refrigerator could also be due to the uneven balancing of the legs. Besides the noise, unsteady legs could also bring all sorts of problems, including leaking water.

Try pushing your refrigerator slightly on one side, if the fridge rocks on both sides, then the legs are not leveled. You will have to get down and check the problem.

Maybe the floor surface is not even, or perhaps the legs have turned in a different angle. You can easily solve this problem by following the instructions from the manual.

Undo the screws on the grill that is located on the bottom of the refrigerator. When you have finished removing it, you will see both the height-adjustable legs and the rollers, depending on the fridge.  

Rotate the legs clockwise using a wrench, if the fridge has adjustable legs. If it has rollers, you will need to use a screwdriver to tighten the screws, also in a clockwise direction.

5. Move the Fridge

If there is no problem with the fridge, you could try moving it to a different location to minimize the noise. You can place it further from the living room to reduce the noise reaching you.

An excellent place to move the fridge is the garage. Though this may inconvenience you in some ways, it will help in reducing the noise.

6. Fix the Loose Parts

Sometimes loose parts on your fridge might be the cause of the occasional buzzing that you have been hearing. Therefore, you should inspect it to confirm whether that is the cause.

Check the back of the fridge for any water lines that can rattle from time to time. If there are any that are loose, you will have to tape them to prevent rattling.

Also, check the drain pipe and ensure it is secured in place.

7. Check the Drain Pan 

A drip pan is also an essential part of your fridge that prevents water from leaking and also floor damage. A buzzing will be a sign that the pan is damaged and needs fixing.

The pan is located at the bottom of the fridge, where you can easily access it. So inspect it and replace it if in case of any damages.

8. Purchase a New Refrigerator

A buzzing refrigerator could signal a minor or a major cause. However, if you have tried all the possible solutions but nothing seems to be working, then you should buy a new one

Noise from a fridge is not something to worry about; in fact, most fridges are designed that way. However, there are those that are quiet; a good example is Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler.

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