The Ultimate Guide To MJS Designs

MJS Designs keeps updated expertise on electrical engineering design while offering the most satisfactory service to ensure that your projects match or surpass regulatory requirements.

MJS Designs also takes privacy and security very seriously, which is why they’ve implemented several changes to their security procedures. Further, their designs maintain the following ten credentials and accreditations to fully deliver on their commitments to clients.

Credentials And Certifications Applied To The Whole Company

To guarantee top-tier customer support and happiness, they adhere to these guidelines as a company;

AS9100:2016 / AS9100D

It’s an international standard for quality management systems established in 2009 to significantly improve Defense, Space, and Aerospace industries (On-Quality and On-Time Delivery) requirements.

The AS9100:2016/AS9100D that standardizes quality control was revised in 2016. Companies all over the globe use it to enhance the cost, quality, and timely delivery throughout all the stages of their supply chains.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO is an essential certification because of its comprehensive, thorough standards, which aim towards guaranteeing that a company fulfills its commitments to consumers and other interested parties, such as stakeholders.

ISO revised its 2008 regulations in 2015. MJS Designs have continually evolved to comply with ISO’s latest standards.

Approved By ITAR(International Traffic in Arms Regulation)

DDTC(Directorate of Defense Trades Controls) requires all exporters, producers, brokers of defense goods, defensive services, and associated technical data as specified in the U. S. Ammunition List to be registered.

While every business providing military services must be registered by the ITAR, signing up with ITAR doesn’t guarantee quality. With ISO certificates, MJS Designs can always guarantee quality to the consumers.


GIDEP refers to the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program. It’s a collaborative effort between businesses and governments to lessen resource costs by exchanging technical knowledge. GIDEP estimates that approximately $2.1 billion unnecessary expenditures have been avoided because of data exchange between companies and the government.

ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014

ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 compliance standards cover electronics and electrical equipment safety, whether used for military or civilian purposes. In a nutshell, it is the criterion for controlling electrical charges in the manufacturing industry. It applies to the production facility itself and the several items used inside it—for instance, floor paints and smocks.

Staff Credentials At MJS Designs

Additionally, the corporate requirements of MJS Designs employees are accredited. The qualifications that members of the team have are listed below.

ACEI (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) has updated IPC-A-610 and IPC-J-STD-001, the two most commonly used industry benchmarks, to be on toes with constantly evolving technologies around the electronics sector. MJS Designs prides itself on having the most up-to-date accreditation.

IPC-A-610G Regulation

Soldered Electronic And Electrical Components Prerequisites


The revised version of IPC-A-610G requires an inspection after assembling to cover the soldering and mechanical requirements. The IPC-A-610G standard is a set of physically viewable quality acceptance criteria post electronic assembling.

J-STD-001F Regulations

Soldered Electronic And Electrical Assemblies Requirements


Whenever a product is being created, J-STD-001 standards must consistently be implemented by the design engineers. Procedural control methods are included when upgrading the “F” to guarantee quality standards throughout the production process.


Wire Harnessing And Cable Assembling Requirements and Approvals


Usability requirements for compressed, physically fastened, and soldered connections, as well as the related restraining or lacing parameters for harnessing and cabling assemblies, are described in the IPC/WHMA-A-620.

Certified Interconnect Designer (CID+)

Certified Interconnect Designer is the sophisticated version of IPC Council’s accreditation for skilled PCB designers.

PRO-STD-001 Accreditation C

Detecting And Avoiding Counterfeit Components


PRO-STD-001 qualification training and exam are intended to teach and inform the DoD(Department of Defense), military, OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer), Medical, and EMS(Emergency Medical Services) personnel to identify and mitigate any fraudulent or fake parts received from questionable sources.

It is always critical to examine the qualifications and certificates of your chosen producer before entrusting them with your project. Assert your knowledge of the rules and regulations. MJS Design team members have professional qualifications and are well-versed in governmental and regulatory norms. 

At the same time, they relate to their manufacturing specialty because of their extensive experience. The MJS design team also understands how the production process affects product quality over a given duration of time.

It’s always in the best interest of your organization to consult MJS Designs experts. The engineers can answer any of your questions regarding MJS Designs’ qualifications and accreditations. After that, they can complete your project on time within a budget that you previously forecasted.

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