Why you should buy round top doors for your home

Why you should buy round top doors for your home

Doorways are an essential part of your home and influence the entire look of its interiors and exteriors. So, choosing the right door for your home is a priority. Round top doors are an exceptional addition that enhances the appearance of your home and makes it look eccentric.

In addition to the numerous benefits that round top doors have, they can give a whole new look to your abode. They can also help make your entryways look warm and welcoming. You should know this before purchasing the right door for your home.

In this article, we have gathered all the information you need to buy a round top door for your home. Lets take a look!

The Advantages of a Round Top Door

Round top doors have several benefits that make them an amazing choice for your abode. Take a look at some of the advantages of getting a round-top door.

A Perfect Addition for Small Spaces

Round top doors can create more room and make your house look spacious. Your home will seem bigger with a round top door compared to square doors. If you are working with small spaces, these doors can help create more space. 

Arched front doors can also make the entry look taller and provide enough space to bring in large furniture and other items.

Round Doors Create Appeal

A round top door has a semi-circular arch on top that gives it a unique look. Round top doors are more attractive and create a striking look for your house. 

It adds a captivating appeal that leaves a strong impact on people. It gives your house a cottage-style curb appeal that can turn the heads of every passerby.

Complements the Design of Your House

Round top doors can highlight the details of the interiors of your home. It can add to the beauty of the structural design and patterns that can make it look more vibrant. 

It can also blend with the patterns and other fixtures in the house. No matter the design of your house, round top doors can complement it perfectly.

It Enhances the Security of Your House

The essential job of a door is to provide security to the dwellers of a house. Old doors can have damage due to wear and tear that can give easy access to intruders. 

A new round-top door can make your house more secure with its sturdy build and long-lasting quality.

Added Insulation Features

Advanced models of round top doors come with a variety of features, including insulation and temperature regulation. 

It maintains the indoor temperature of your house and enhances the efficiency of your cooling and heating devices. It saves you a lot of your energy costs.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Rust

Another advantage of the round top door is its rust-free nature. Whether the material is wood or metal, you can expect the doors to have a robust quality that prevents rust. 

The latest doors use corrosion-resistant materials and coatings that help them last a long time.

How are Round Top Doors Different from Arched Doors?

Round top doors have a curved top that resembles a half-circle. They have a round top that fits perfectly into the opening. As they are aesthetically appealing, these doors are most suitable for entryways and bedrooms.

An arched door is similar to a round top door but only has a slight curve at the top instead of a semicircle. They are also known as “eagle-arch doors” due to their shape. They are suitable for the dining area, living room, and kitchen.

What is the Difference Between Round Top Doors and Squared Doors?

The main difference between the two is the arched design. Apart from that, rounded-top doors are bigger compared to squared-top doors. They also offer more space for people to move in and out as they have a wider base.

Squared doors have a narrow bottom and provide a modern look to homes with different styles. Most home designs have square-shaped doors that have raised and recessed patterns. They also come in a wide variety of designs.

When Should You Buy a Round Top Door for Your Home?

If you want to add some rustic charm to your house, you should go for a round top door to achieve it. It can give your house a vintage look and add to the elegance of your house.

Although it matches any architectural style, it best suits houses with Mission, Victorian, French Country, Tuscan, Tudor, and Old-World style houses. By browsing online and finding houses with similar architectural designs, you can get an idea of whether round top doors will suit your house.

What are the Available Options for Round Top Doors?

There are plenty of options for round top doors depending on the style and material. You’ll get different curved styles of these doors and can choose the size according to your preference. 

Usually, round top doors come with glass panels in varying designs and sizes. There are options for side and top glass panels. Raised panels are also available.

If you dont want glass panels, other options can best suit your choice. Round top doors also come in a wide variety of wood options. The most common among them are cherry, pine, mahogany, hard maple, and alder wood. Even metal and UPVC are also among the available options.

Final Thoughts

Round-top doors enhance the appeal of your house, and they are easy to maintain in the long run. You can have any material and even add side panels for the doors. As it matches any architectural design, you dont have to worry about whether it will fit your décor. 

Doors are a long-term investment, and making the right choice is essential to getting a return on that investment. So, by seeking the help of a professional door & window company like Mikita Door and Window, you can find the best round-top door for your house with the right material and quality.

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