10 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Modern

Is your home looking a bit dated? Do you feel like everything is old and out of style? You aren’t alone. Many people are turning to interior design to spice up their furniture and give their homes a fresh look. 

A modern home is all about clean lines and sensible, minimalistic design aesthetics. It’s a home designed to make both the structure and the residents look classy. But what if you’re creating your first modern home and don’t know where to start? 

Below are the ten best ways to make your home look more modern and stylish:

1.Use Minimalist Decorating Techniques

You don’t need a whole remodel to make your home look more modern.  One easy way to incorporate a modern feel in any space is to adopt minimalist decorating.  

To get that minimalist look, remember that less is more and start with removing items.  No doubt this might mean getting creative with storage, but it can also help you remove a lot of clutter from your life.

Once you’ve prepared the space, choose a few intentional decorations that focus on clean, modern lines and pieces that give your room an open feeling. 

2. Freshen Up Your Walls

Paint is a proven way to update the look of any space.   Not only does it keep the room looking clean and fresh, but it can easily change the mood of any room. 

When choosing paint, think light, fresh, and barely there.  Neutral, light shades that draw the eyes off the walls and into the space are sure to give your room a more modern flare.

3. Touch Up Your Kitchen

Do you want to give your kitchen a modern feel but don’t have the budget for a complete remodel? Upgrade your cabinet hardware.  Just changing outdated knobs or pulls can make a significant impact on your kitchen’s overall appearance.  

You might also consider changing up your faucets. Look for sleek designs in polished metals for the biggest bang for your buck.  

Both of these projects involve fairly straightforward installations. They can quickly be done over a weekend.  If you feel extra ambitious or have more time on your hands, painting your cabinets can make the impact even more prominent.

4. Install a Waterfall Countertop

If you’re looking around your kitchen for inspiration and have a slightly bigger budget in mind, new countertops are a great way to update the look of the entire space. Natural and engineered stone like quartz is incredibly versatile and can be shaped to make a waterfall-style counter over one side or an island. Read this page if you haven’t seen this stunning new kitchen trend. 

A simple update or installing a waterfall countertop is sure to make a big difference in the look of your kitchen.  It may also even increase the value of your home.

5. Modernize Your Electric

A modern house isn’t just about appearance. It’s also about how the home functions. Upgrade your electrical features and add smart home features to your rooms. 

A keyless entry system on the front door, a programmable thermostat on the wall, motion-detecting lights, voice control features, and even electrical outlets that compliment your modern devices will all give your home that touch of modern you’ve been craving. You can install as many, or as few, of these features as you like. 

6. Decorate With Contrasting Colors and Textures

Bright colors aren’t what most people think of when they imagine modern designs. But the style does use color.  While most of the space will feature neutral tones, bright pops of intentional color in your accent pieces can make a huge statement.  

A similar kind of statement can be made when you intentionally contrast the textures you use in the room. While polished metal surfaces pretty much scream “modern,” they can be contrasted with warm, inviting fabrics or rugs to make a room cozy.

7. Update Your Ceiling

When you look up at a ceiling and see 90s era popcorn, modern is the very last thing that comes to mind. So if you still have popcorn ceilings in some, or all, of your rooms, it might be time to remove it. 

Most homeowners can handle this DIY project themselves.  It is easier than ever to get rid of the popcorn ceiling, and once it is gone, your space will no doubt feel more modern even if you change nothing else.

8. Open Up Your Floor Plan

Modern designs use open, airy spaces, which can be hard to come by, particularly in older homes. While a whole-house remodel might not be practical for your budget, sometimes minor changes can get you closer to that open floor plan your dreaming of.

Removing a wall can instantly open up space. This change is going to take more time and more money.  Once the job is done, though, it will have a considerable impact on the feel of your home. It may even increase the value of it as well.

9. Ditch the Carpet

It’s hard to achieve a modern feel in any space if the room you are working on has wall to wall carpet. Of course, it might be a great floor choice in some rooms of your home, but overall a fresh, clean look is easier to get other flooring options. 

If you want to tackle this job yourself, there are some excellent easy to install prefinished flooring options or plank tile to consider. No doubt changing up your floors is sure to make a significant impact.

10. Replace Anything Dated

Capturing a modern atmosphere when you have dated light fixtures or aged doorways can be difficult. Simply replacing these older items can instantly modernize your space. Look for sleek designs in fixtures and doors. Most homeowners can easily handle replacing these kinds of items over the course of a weekend or afternoon.

Simply put, modern design isn’t just about the obvious use of glass or straight edges. A modern home is all about clean lines and sensible, minimalistic design aesthetics. It’s a home designed to make both the structure and the residents look classy. 

Whether you’re looking for new ways to make your home look modern or just want a few modern design elements, there are plenty of simple changes you can make yourself.  Also, it doesn’t take much to transform your living space completely.  If you make just a few of these changes, you can dramatically change your home’s look and feel.

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