How to design your college room?

The student’s room is a special place. Regardless of the size, it is simultaneously a living room, a bedroom, an office, a library, a gym and a nightclub! If, when making a renovation, parents offer to exclude something from this list, they encounter fierce resistance, and the list is supplemented with additional functions.

When young people have an opportunity to equip their personal space independently, it is often unclear what they really want. The easiest way to understand your own desires is to transfer them to paper. For this, write a design and architecture essay in which all your fantasies will be described in detail. After reading this text several times, you will finally see the image of your ideal room. It is also worth reviewing the tips below.

Work zone

The workplace of a student can be compared with an office. Good lighting is important here. A comfortable desk and a chair should be located close to a window.

This zone must have:

1. ergonomic, comfortable furniture;

2. convenient arrangement of office equipment (computer, printer and other electronics);

3. shelves and boxes for storing books, training aids or DVDs;

4. a table lamp.

All these items are placed in easily accessible points to make their usage convenient.

Interior and hobbies

When creating a design of an interior, it worth taking into account the degree of your activity. Most likely, you will do physical exercises to maintain a perfect shape, organize parties and mini discos with friends. If you are a bright personality who looks forward and perceives advanced ideas in everything, the style of the interior can be somewhat provocative.

Of course, if the hobby of the future owner is fishing, stamps or needlework, the design may be calm. It is more difficult to create a suitable project if a young person is carried away by “heavy” music or decided to master the piano. In such cases, special attention should be paid to the sound insulation of the room. Also, there should be enough space to install the instruments. A good option is a convertible sleeping place, which allows to free up the maximum area during the day.

Free space

To avoid clutter, the room should have separate zones for study, rest, storage of clothes. Fill each zone with the necessary furniture and add decor to the interior: bright posters on the wall, collections of figures, gadgets, sports equipment. Changing your preferences, you can change the design of the room to your liking.

A personal territory of a student should be spacious and light enough to comfortably sleep in it. Nothing should distract you from learning or gatherings with friends. Try to create an interior with a lot of storage places. This will help to maintain order and free up the space of even a small room. Light wooden furniture also makes the design more spacious and neutral.

Interior styles

Student years – a time of active changes, an aspiration to learn more and to manifest yourself as fully as possible in the surrounding world. Therefore, an interior of a student room can be a combination of seemingly opposite directions.

1. Minimalism with bright splashes of classical decor (for example, a chandelier of graceful shape) is great for a student’s room. Such an interior allows to transform the surrounding space literally every day. All original, “living”, alternative features are welcome. If the room is quite spacious, a sofa can be supplemented with a couple of armchairs-bags or a cute pouf.

2. Loft and urban style – a combination of old and new in the interior. Brick masonry, pipes, and rough plaster may be harmoniously combined with modern technology, chrome and glass surfaces. Such a design is characterized by an open layout and almost complete absence of partitions. All functional zones are separated by:

  • color contrasts;
  • accentuation with light;
  • glass that does not violate the basic concept of an open space.

Living room-studio

A combination of a living room and a kitchen is a very comfortable, modern and convenient solution. This interior is preferred by young people who do not spend much time on preparing food, often equip the living-room with a bar counter and a huge number of modern home appliances: a coffee machine, a toaster, a food processor, a dishwasher, a refrigerator and much more.

Walk-in closet

In the student’s private space, there should be a wardrobe or a roomy closet for clothes, shoes and sports accessories. All sorts of shelves, drawers, and hangers allow not only to maintain the order in the room but also to keep things in a “take and wear” state. Agree, it is important for young people.

Corner cabinet for any apartment

If there are no built-in wardrobes in the student’s room, then a corner cabinet that decorates any space can serve as an excellent alternative. The numerous shelves hide all personal things from prying eyes, and thanks to an elegant form, such furniture easily fits into modern decor.

Practical folding table

Young people like to receive guests, and it can be difficult in a cramped room. In order not to keep food on your lap, give preference to a super-functional folding table. In any form, it adorns the room. And if you will add a few bright strokes in the form of interesting decor items, the picture will only please the eye.

Bright dishes for a stylish table

If you want to create an impeccable style, do not neglect the tableware. It does not matter whether it’s about eating alone or in a big company, beautiful plates and cups are the right way to decorate not only the table but the whole room. The ethnic motives, interesting paintings will give you cheerfulness like the waves of fresh air.

Color modules for storage

Finding the right closet for a small room can be a real challenge. And why not to use compact modular cabinets? It is better to choose several blocks of different colors and sizes: they are practical and decorative, perfectly adapt to any space. This is a great way to make the interior original and bright.

Beautiful bed linen

The sleeping place is the central element in the student’s house, so it is extremely important to approach its design with creativity. In addition to furniture, pay attention to textiles. Do not be afraid to play with colors, because there is nothing better than an interesting combination of shades if you want to create a relaxed mood.

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