10 Cool Themed Bedroom Design Ideas for Kids

10 Cool Themed Bedroom Design Ideas for Kids

Gone are the days when you could just paint pink and blue in your girl’s and boy’s room.

Kids these days know exactly how they want their bedroom to be. They have very specific choices that are more or less derived from their favorite books, movies and cartoons.

So parents, begin a fun designing project for your kid’s bedroom by choosing from the following 10 wonderful ideas.

1. Princess Castle

This is for girls who grew up watching princess movies being fascinated with their magnificent castles.

Give your girls their real-life princess fantasy by transforming their room into a castle.

Gather inspiration from their favorite princesses, be it Cinderella, Jasmine from Aladdin or Elsa from Frozen, and create a unique princess castle room.  

2. Jungle Land

Are your kids obsessed with the concept of jungle and wild animals?

If yes, don’t think twice before choosing a jungle-themed room. Paint the walls with trees and leaves, decorate it with animal soft toys or stick animal stickers on the wall.

You can also incorporate safari themes and create a wild, lively, and adventurous bedroom.

3. Mermaid Fantasy

Who doesn’t love mermaids? A mermaid theme room can be really pretty if done up with colors such as teal, purple, turquoise and shades of pink.

To create a magical yet underwater-like atmosphere, hang white curtains around the bed with beaded strings suspended from the ceiling.

Cut-outs of mermaids and other sea creatures on the walls gives life to your child’s mermaid fantasy.

4. Nautical Dreams

This is another great choice for a boy’s room. A nautical or a pirate theme can be best achieved by painting the walls in navy blue and sticking wallpapers of sea routes, ship decks, anchors, etc.

Go with a brown or rust-colored bed to completely embrace the theme. If you’re willing to go all out, then find a boat-shaped bed to create a lifelike feel.

5. Outer Space

A space themed bedroom is a popular design and is one of the best gender-neutral themes. While the ideas to design this are plenty, an outer space room is also educational for the kids.

Paint the roof/walls with constellations or dangle planet models from the ceiling, swap their regular sheets for space printed ones, and so on.

6. Cars

After the Cars movie, the demand for car-themed bedrooms increased among kids, specifically, boys.

Luckily, this theme can be achieved easily with car tyres for furniture, a car bed, a race-track printed rug and decals of your kid’s favorite car models. 

7. Fantasy Realm 

Give life to your kids’ fantasy realm with a fantasy wonderland bedroom.

You can take elements from books and movies such as Harry Potter, Narnia, The Wizard Of Oz, Jumanji and several others.

8. Colorful Circus 

A circus is colorful, playful and full of life. So are kids. Add more joy and amusement into your kid’s life by creating a fun circus-themed bedroom.

Be as colorful as you can when creating this theme and paint the ceiling or the walls with the standard white and red stripe. Incorporate other circus elements which excite kids such as animals, wheels, clowns etc.

9. Personal Library

If your child is a bookworm, there’s nothing they will appreciate more than a library-themed bedroom.

Utilize their book collections while designing, display them in built-in shelves or floating shelves in an orderly manner.

Create a cosy reading nook, get them a custom blanket with lines printed from their favorite books, etc.

10. Starry Night

Nothing can go wrong with an illuminating night sky illusion.

Decorate the ceiling with glow in the dark stars, paint the walls navy and stick decals of the moon and clouds to create a magical starry night.

It’s challenging yet doable to perfectly execute a theme room while keeping the kid’s likes and dislikes in mind.

Hopefully the above list helped you (and your child) in choosing a design for their bedroom.


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