How To Get Your Dream Kitchen

These visibly beauties, that are warmly touchable are slowly making their way back to our homes. They make the kitchen more pleasing and welcoming. Wood counters come in different types, depending on their design and materials used to make them. It might be difficult determining if some wood countertops are feasible in your kitchen or not. However, there is a way in which, you can evaluate and find out which one works best in your kitchen. This article will give you a complete guide on what you need to know about wood counters, which is one of getting your dream kitchen. So, let’s learn!

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing the right countertop.

1. Design

Countertops that are made of natural wood, after they are blotted out by flamboyant stones such as granite and maintenance materials, which are not engineered such as quartz, are having a good revival time. Countertops made of hardwood, cut in pieces then overlaid all together using glue, increases their strength. They become more stable. As a side note, when it comes to cleaning your kitchen, it’s also a lot easier with hardwood.. They become more stable. Such countertops give a warm and a landing base that is organic for the kitchen. Such surfaces are kind to the dishware and they can easily tolerate and absorb the noise made in the house. Most of the countertops are made of the ancient butcher blocks even though they are commonly used to chop.

2. Durability

It is possible to resuscitate wood used to make countertops in case it gets damaged. The wood can get damaged because of;



Getting gouged.

Therefore, you can reinvigorate it by refinishing.

3. Cost

The cost of countertops depends on the material used to make it. Some woods are expensive than others. Majority of the commercial shops such as bars, opt for the woods that are not expensive, to cut costs. There are various types of woods used to make countertops such as;



Sensational iroko

The thickness of the wood also determines the cost of the countertop. There is also the installation cost included, if you decide to hire a profession to do the installation for you. However, to reduce costs you can do the installation yourself.

For a full understanding of the cost of a new kitchen you can read more here.

4. Its Use

If the countertop is for a butcher, it is supposed to be thick. The thickness prevents it from splitting. The countertops made of maple joined together with glue, give a strong surface that can last for long. Hence the meat cutters do not have to keep replacing it. The marble has to be hard.

These countertops made of wood have their pros and cons. Let’s look at them.


They are cost friendly compared to those made of stone or materials that have been engineered.

They give stronger surfaces which are softer compared to those made of stone. They are safer to use especially for your fragile equipment like glasses.

It is easy to refinish them. It is easy to sand out the scratches from the knives and burn marks.

It is easy to install wood counters.

They are eco-friendly since majority of companies give woods that have been grown sustainably. Therefore, it is possible to recycle these woods


They need maintenance. The wood counters that are unfinished require oiling after every month. The surfaces that have been coated need to be refinished after an five years.

The counters finished by factories need to recoated.

The wood counters move. They expand or contract depending on the atmosphere. Therefore, if they are not constructed or installed properly, they can gap or cup. When the countertop is thicker, it is more stable.

Wood counters are not fireproof. The wood and stove burners are not mixable. You should make use of trivets for the hot spots to avoid scorching.

Lastly, it is easy for liquids to penetrate through the wood. This is may lead to stains and even cracks. Vinegar dissolves the glue on the wood. Therefore, you should make sure you wipe the spills on in the sink completely. However, since the wood counters are increasing in popularity you should get yourself one. A wood counter does not only provide soft surfaces and give your kitchen a welcoming look, but it also ensures that some money is left in your pocket and at the same time, you get your dream kitchen! Who wouldn’t want that?


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