Designing a TV Unit- Bangalore

Designing a TV Unit- Bangalore

TV Units to enhance the beauty of the living room and add a gratifying look to the entire space by its delightful look.  TV Unit is one of the major attractive and eye-inspiring component that are best suited for Living room. Now-a-days TV Units have gone enormous and fashionable with wide range of features.

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As we know that the entertainment system is one of the most important systems in the home, so we have to keep it classy to keep the standards high.TV Unit Designs comes in wide range and designs.A stylish tv unit is a must component of the living room or bedroom.

Tv Unit Design

The above white color TV unit looks so beautiful and elegant that everyone would wish to have that in their homes right away


Knowing the measurement is very important before you buy a stand to go with it. If you have no idea about your TVs exact measurements, measure the screen diagonally and find out. Besides the diagonal measurements, also check for width measurements. The TV stand is usually wider than the TV that rests on it.

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TV units are available in 3 standard heights – short, standard and tall. Choose one that fits in with the height of your sofa and chairs and that will be comfortable for your viewing angle. The Simple & Sober designs of TV unit cabinets are more preferred over more bright and shiny side


The first thing to consider when buying a TV unit is the size of the television and that of the room. Check the dimension of the TV stands you shortlist to ensure it will fit perfectly in the intended space and accommodate your television. Since flat screen televisions are all you see nowadays, the issue of an overhang is no longer a matter of concern.

The height of the TV cabinet should ideally be such that the lower half of the television screen is within your line of vision when seated. If the seating in the room is unusually tall or low, you will need to keep this in mind when choosing a TV unit design.



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In TV units, there are further types. These include corner TV units, entertainment units and small table units. Entertainment units are designed with plenty of storage for wires, cables, video games consoles, speakers and more. These units hide cords, and allows devices to be connected to the entertainment centre from the TV. Corner TV stands are triangular, small and designed with a triangular edge, so they fit into corners.

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Safety is an important aspect here primarily because televisions are top heavy and can easily be tipped over. If the television is intended to be placed on the stand, then it might need to be secured well.

How High Should Your TV Be? 

That puts the optimum, centre-of-television height for a typical seated viewer at 42 inches (18 inches + 24 inches). So that 60-inch television should be installed with the bottom of the screen at 26 inches above the floor.

Finding the best TV stand for your setup comes down to two key factors: the size of the TV and the room it lives in. Start by getting the measurements for each, then turn to our tips below.


TVs are sized by the diagonal measurement of the screen—not the frame around it—while stands rely on the typical size measurements.

To simplify shopping, units typically list the range of TV sizes they accommodate as an easy checkpoint. But it never hurts to know the true width of your TV to ensure it fits on the stand the way you’d like.

Minimum Stand Width by TV Size

Under 32 inch TVs = 28 inch
32-49 inch TVs = 30-45 inches
50-54 inch TVs = 46-49 inches
55-59 inch TVs = 50-53 inches
60-64 inch TVs = 54-57 inches
65-69 inch TVs = 58-62 inches
70 inch TVs or larger = More than 63 inches

 A stand should be at least 2-3 inches longer than the TV width.



The center of the TV should match the line of sight of those watching it. Your specific seating impacts this, so use it as the measurement starting point.

To find your average sight line, enlist your favorite fully-grown TV watcher, ask them to take up their usual spot, and measure loosely from the floor up to the bridge of their nose. Then measure the distance from the middle of the screen to bottom of the TV base. When added to the stand height, it should roughly equal the sight line measurement.

Tip! Wall-mounting the TV is an easy and increasingly popular alternative to get the height you want and free up the stand surface for prettier uses.


Shelves, drawers, glass doors are all additional features in TV stands. If you’re getting a customised unit made, add as many shelves as you can for space for every device that needs to be used with the TV. Floating or adjustable shelves help for different size items. TV stands with drawers and glass doors help keep items hidden and discreet.

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The color scheme of the cabinet should always match the color of the wall and the surrounding furniture as well.

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