Home designing is indeed a complex procedure and involves paying attention to every facet that is considered vital when redecorating homes. When we speak of home designing, there is a feature that needs as much attention as any other : the walls of your house! Yes, speaking in this regard, let us pin point the top 15 wall decor ideas that are considered hot favorite by users. Let us have a look at the latest half painted wall decor ideas that the world is talking about nowadays. Half painted walls look good and can create a unique style depending on the decor of a place. Take a look below to get inspired.

Astounding bathroom grey half painted walls decor ideas


Half paint ideas can be incorporated everywhere and your bathrooms too can benefit a lot by getting painted with different tones of colors. The image below shows a bathroom getting a makeover with its walls being painted half in grey while the rest is fitted with beautiful wooden paneling done in white. The combo of grey and white offers an eclectic touch to the decor.

Beautiful half painted wall decor idea for dining room


There are a myriad colors to choose from when you plan to use the trick of half painting your walls. The dining area in the image would have looked plain and simple had the deep brownish maroon not popped up on the walls. The designer has brought in lot of drama by painting half of the walls in this maroon tone. It matches with the cupboard and other accessories and enriches the beauty.

Dramatic green half painted wall decor idea


Want to add a dramatic effect to your boring room and see it getting transformed when you paint half of the walls using a deep tone of green color? Well, as you can see, the room looks amazing with its half green painted wall. Using ‘halfsies’ as the trend is called, is the best way to add a glamorous effect.

Pretty pink and green twin bedroom half painted wall decor idea


The pink and green painted walls in this kid’s bedroom create a warm mood and make the interior look fresh and alive, two most important things for any kid’s room. These two colors are soft and do not stir up complex feelings. The white twin bunk bed looks just perfect against the half painted walls.

Orange half painted kid’s bedroom decor idea


Dipping your walls in different bright colors helps in sprucing up the style factor and the best way to bring some positive change to the decor is using bright orange to revive the look as can be seen in the image where the walls have been painted half with this awesome color that adds freshness and spreads happiness throughout.

Cute girl’s bedroom half painted wall decor idea


There is nothing that looks better than using lot of baby pink in a young girl’s bedroom as the color is very cute and feminine in nature. The half painted wall in pink, seen below, looks very sweet and inviting. The use of this awesome color changes the look and adds a warm feeling. It matches with the bedspread and other accessories placed here and there.

White and black half painted wall decor idea


There are umpteen choices when you think of painting your walls with beautiful colors. The walls here are painted half in black tone that offers a good and striking contrast with the white shade already painted. This magical mix of white and black creates a distinct style.

Cool half painted wall decor idea with white and pink


The small and cozy bedroom appears very feminine with soft colors like pink and white used in wall paint and various other accessories. The dull walls have been painted with baby pink to pop up the style quotient and make the room appealing to anyone using it. The pink matches nicely to offer a charming effect.

Exquisite white and green half painted bathroom wall decor idea


The bathroom walls above are an attractive feature to make guests applaud your style! The walls are painted using white as the dominant color while adding some freshness to by accompanying it with green. Both these colors work well together and create a stylish uniform look that is eye grabbing.

Misty gray half painted bedroom decor idea


Seen below is a neutral colored bedroom where the walls behind the bed are painted partly using white and grey colors to add a serene look inside. The effect created by using free hand while painting the borders is mesmerizing to the hilt and makes one feel relaxed and composed while resting on the bed.

Inspiring light blue half painted wall decor idea


Light colors like pink and blue are perfect to be used for children’s play rooms or study places. The children’s play area in the image looks neat and very bright with its walls being painted half in light tone of blue. The wall is painted with the prime color being white and topped up with this fresh looking blue that adds energy to the aura of the room.

Beautiful kitchen half painted wall decor idea


The kitchen seen here looks elegant with its walls being half painted using white and grey colors. Though, the decor is simple, yet it appears spacious and neat since these neutral colors lend such an appearance that make the kitchen look bigger. The accessories like the island and the fridge match well with the grey.

Baby pink half painted wall decor idea


You can bring a cute little change to your baby’s nursery by painting the wall partly using pink tones. Pink comes in various shades but the one that is prefect for a nursery is baby pink as seen below. The wall is painted in half using pink tone that ushers in a feeling of warmth and the innocent presence of an infant.

Geometric half painted wall decor idea


The calm and dull looking walls of this children’s room comes alive with the wall being painted half with cool geometric patterns. The owners couldn’t have designed the place any better other than choosing this awesome way to style it up. The color palette chosen is grey which offers a good contrast to the dull wall color used as the central theme.

Elegant grey half painted wall decor idea


Half painted walls look smart just like the wall behind the study table in the image. The designer has used gray color to paint half the wall in geometric pattern that has been matched with the other accessories of study arranged on the children’s table. The look is crisp and very neat with no further ornamentation.


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