Lightening Up Your Dark Rooms – Simple Home Decor Tips

Lightening Up Your Dark Rooms – Simple Home Decor Tips

Some people prefer having their rooms not too bright; perhaps the darkness is comforting to them, or it is their personal space that they can get some alone time in, or maybe it’s just the attic that no one really visits anyways.

But on the other hand, most people want their rooms more lit up. To them, a dark room feels gloomy, depressing, and one that lacks energy, so they try to brighten it up as much as they can in their own ways.

In this article, we will be giving you some tips as well, if you find yourself wanting for a much livelier and brighter room in your home.

Utilize lightly colored or transparent furniture


Shockingly enough, using sofas and cushions with lighter colors will light up your room!

Jokes aside, if you want your room to avoid being darker than it already is, having furniture with colors on the lighter part of the spectrum is always an excellent choice.

White and beige sofa colors especially make for a much brighter room, even when paired with minimal light sources.

On the other hand, having transparent furniture helps spread the light, as its material makes light travel through it much easier, allowing more of your room to be illuminated.

Choose curtains with lighter materials and color


Having curtains is a wonderful way to control the amount of sunlight that enters the room from the windows to make sure it isn’t overbearingly bright or too dark.

However, did you know that the color and even the material affects the light as well?

Choosing curtains with lighter colors like beige and light blue make for a prettier room, but if you really want to focus on lighting it up, make sure that the material itself is not too heavy. Linen is a good choice in this regard.

If you wish to be more specific with your own curtain measurements, you can opt in to using made to measure curtains to help you in choosing the proper curtains for your rooms.

Cover your floors with brightly colored rugs


If you are one of the many home designers that just loves the feel and look of dark hardwood floors, this one is for you.

These floors really make your rooms feel more natural; however, their dark colors usually take away most of the brightness of the room!

You can balance this out by using rugs with light colors, and when done correctly, can even be nicely contrasted with the floor itself.

It is up to you how big your rugs should be and how much of the floor it should cover, especially if you want to preserve the “natural” aesthetic that these wooden floors have to offer.

Whitening up


What is the simplest way you can brighten a room up instantly?

White,white everywhere.

On the walls, on your furniture.

Well, okay, maybe not everywhere. We’re creating a nicely lit room, not a sterilized laboratory. Having a lot of white furniture and walls is good, but variety is important too.

In any case though, yes, white does make light, as it reflects a lot of light from inside the room and out and scatters it all about.

You certainly cannot go wrong with painting your walls a good coat of white. If you want to go the extra mile, perhaps consider white bed covers, pillows, and sofas as well. But as mentioned earlier, make sure you don’t overdo it!

Light up your walls


Other than occasionally replacing the light bulbs in your rooms when they start showing their signs of age, you can also light your walls up with fairy lights. They’re not only made for Christmas décor!

Of course, you want to make sure that they are energy efficient, since they will be using more electricity, but you certainly will not regret having a couple of them to add décor and lighting to your room.

Balancing act

You may have noticed a prevailing theme for most of the tips here: Light, quite literally, makes light. Lighter colors and materials give your room a brighter feel, even without major renovations, and it would be a good idea to focus on these things when next you go shopping.

Now hold on just a moment. Before you go out and buy all the most brightly colored furniture, rugs, and curtains your wallet can handle, it’s important to remember that while these tips are good ideas to consider when making your room brighter, focusing on them exclusively might instead give you a headache when all is said and done.

Remember, you want your room to look and feel brighter, but you do not want it to be a rainbow amalgamation that hurts your eyes to look at. As mentioned earlier, do not overdo it.

Instead, it is a clever idea to mix things up. Put in both light and dark themes in your room, but make sure that the focus tilts more on the side of the light. That means having more light furniture than dark, but not so much that it overrides any possible benefits that dark furniture has. (Making them contrast is a good combination too!)

You can also contact a professional to give you tips as you remodel your house and rooms to your liking. Having a second opinion on what might work and what might not, especially if it is someone who knows how to best match things up in your house can be a game changer.

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