Social networks for real estate 4 steps Learn How to manage them successfully

Social Networks for Realtors: what you need to know

In every business, the importance of being present on the internet and on the most used social platforms of the moment is increasing more and more, and the real estate sector is not left out of these strategies.

It may not be clear to you how to create a marketing strategy for each business, but right now it is vitally important. That is why in this article I am going to explain in detail how to do it in the real estate world.

 Step 1: On social media for real estate: define your goals

All companies that want to be present on social networks must fulfill the first point on the list: define what are the objectives they want to achieve with their presence on these platforms.

Jumping into the pool of social networks without being clear about what you want to do is not a good plan, so here are the main objectives of a company on social network by sky marketing:

      Give visibility to the company, that people know about it and create brand awareness.

      Show the products or services to get conversions.

      Increase traffic to the agency’s website and improve positioning.

Once you have made the decision of what the objectives of your strategy are, it is when you have to stop to think about which social networks you are going to be present and which of them will help you meet the objectives that you have set for yourself.


As a piece of advice, I would tell you to keep in mind that when you start in the world of social platforms it is not advisable to enter all of them at the same time.

Quality is worth more than quantity and it will not help you to be on all social networks if you do not have the time or resources to make all of them of value to users.

Each of the social networks that exist right now is different, and depending on the one you choose, it has different purposes within the world of marketing. That is why you have to analyze in which network your target audience is present and then draw up the action plan to achieve your goals.

What social networks to use

Real estate agents can be present in any social network, there are no social networks for real estate companies specifically. You can fit into any of the social networks that are used today.

On the other hand, to start with, you can choose the one that best fits your strategy.

Here is a brief summary of the most used social networks of the moment, it will help you to know which are the most suitable for your company.

Google My Business

You may not have it on the list of social networks, but it is important that any business that wants to increase its visibility on the Internet has a listing on Google My Business.

This Google platform will help you work on your local positioning and you will have an increase in visibility.


It is the social network with the most users of the moment, therefore it is where the majority of the target audience of most companies is. The real estate sector is not far behind, in fact today there are a lot of home sales through Facebook.

It is the most widespread social community in the world and one of the most used daily, so it is a plus for companies.

You can invite people to view and like your company page, in this way you will have the possibility of increasing the visibility of your business.

You also have the option of creating a forum or Facebook group to answer questions to your customers and improve engagement.


It is also among the most used social networks, which means that the audience is very wide and you can find part of your target. Of course, you have to know what you are facing … communicating with a limit of 240 characters per publication is not easy.


The professional social network par excellence and best known throughout the world. It is recommended that all companies have a business page on this social network to make themselves known to professionals and to give a feeling of credibility.

What will they think if you are a full-fledged company but you don’t have a company page on LinkedIn?

With social networks, in addition to seeking recognition and visibility, it is also important to provide trust with your potential customers.


One of the most used social networks of the moment. You have to know that it is a very good social network to do marketing and make yourself known by the wide range of people who use it but that you also have to know what you are up against …

     a lot of interaction and activity is needed every week and every day

     requires a lot of perseverance 

      most of the content is visual, so you have to dedicate time to design   

      a single link in the profile bio

If you choose to use Instagram, think that it is perfect to show closeness.


It is the ideal platform to develop a marketing strategy through videos. If you have in mind to give cane to this type of content, do not hesitate to open a YouTube channel.

A plus is that if you work your video marketing strategy well on this platform, Google can show your content as the first search results for your keywords.

Once you have decided on which social networks your real estate agency will be present, you have to create social profiles. Before you do, I’m going to give you some tips to have your accounts optimized:

  • 💡 Create your profiles with a recognizable and easy to remember name.
  • 💡 Do not forget to add the contact information: telephone / email / address.
  • 💡 Put the logo of your agency as a profile image in your accounts.
  • 💡 Write a short text as an informative biography so they know what it is about.

  Step 2: Social Media Content for Realtors

In social networks it is important to show diversity as well as activity and real estate agencies should not limit themselves to publishing the portfolio of properties even if the purpose of the company is to sell them.

Do not limit yourself to continuously publishing the same type of content, on social networks it is important to entertain and like your followers, if you offer them monotony you will not achieve your goals.

It may be difficult at first to find varied content that fits with social networks for real estate, but once you get down to it, it is easier than it seems.

I leave you some examples of different types of publications that you can use to put aside monotony and show diversity and entertainment:

  •  Ads of homes that are for sale in your real estate agency.
  •  Current news of interest to your followers related to housing.
  •  Tips on how to find a flat.
  •  Articles that you share on your blog.
  • News about the economy or other topics related to the real estate sector.

Just as diversity in content is important, variety in the type of publication is essential.

In most social networks you have the possibility to share it in different formats:

  • 📌 Images.
  • 📌 Videos.
  • 📌 GIFs.
  • 📌 Infographics.

 Step 3: It is important to create your strategy in social networks for real estate

Let’s review:

  • ➡️ You have already decided what are the objectives for your presence on social networks.
  • ➡️ You have made the selection of the networks in which you will have a presence.
  • ➡️ You have created and optimized your social profiles.
  • ➡️ You have decided what content and formats you are going to share.

We are on the good way

Now is the time to create the social media strategy for your real estate. Once you have almost everything already decided, it is time to create an editorial calendar to start making your publications and following an organization.


With an editorial calendar you will save time, stay active and have the option to create quality content.

Decide what content you want to publish each day, remember what I told you before … forget about the monotony. Place the publications on the calendar in such a way that each day is a different one and contributes activity and variety to your social profile.

In addition to publishing every day, you have to pay attention to other types of basic details for an editorial calendar to work:

  • Social network. It is advisable to publish different content on each social network and not to reuse the publications. So, you will not bore your followers.
  • Date: Is it Mother’s Day? It may be okay to make a special post for that day. Or … Do you think what you share on social networks will have an impact on a Saturday?
  • Time: find out what are your best hours to post on social networks and use it to your advantage.
  • Creativity and copy: it is the last thing you need to have everything ready and not have to be thinking about it the same day of publication.

You already have everything under control in an editorial calendar that you will have to fill in as the weeks progress.

Having everything so organized can help you even more to schedule your social media posts with an external tool. You will save a lot of time and you will have control of everything that is published in each social profile of your real estate. As a real estate agent you need to consider some strategies, read idx reviews here!

Step 4: Analyze your strategy on social media for real estate

Last step but not the least, but a fundamental point of the use of social networks for any company or personal brand.

With the knowledge of the analytics of your content and presence in social networks, you can improve your performance and experience growth in a short time.

Analyzing your social media strategy is important to:

  • Know the result of the performance of your publications.
  • Know if your audience increases.
  • Have data on which posts perform better or worse.
  • Discover important information about your followers.

What should you analyze to improve

It is important to measure as much as possible, but there are two important points to keep in mind which are discussed by Smart city of Islamabad:

️ The growth of your community

This means knowing if your followers are growing or not. At what point do you have more followers, what type of followers are you gaining, etc.

You will have very valuable information that will allow you to better target your content.

  • What areas are your followers from: adapt the content to their country.
  • The average age of your audience: think about what they would like to see.
  • Do your followers increase when you post?

️ The performance of your posts

Analyze the metrics of your content:

  • Likes
  • Engagements
  • Comments or shares.

This way you will know which ones have had the best results, that is, which ones have liked more or less among your audience. This will help guide you in the next publications of your editorial calendar, you will be able to optimize and publish the content they like the most while you delete or change those photos or videos that have been less successful with your followers.

EYE ⚠️

It is important that you carry out this analysis periodically so that it makes sense, that is why I recommend you carry out social media reports so that you have a follow-up of your performance.

Compare different strategies.

Analyze if your strategy works better for you at a certain time of year.

Compare time periods and make the most of the best times.

 One last thought regarding Social Networks for Realtors:

In these times, it is important to have a digital strategy to increase the visibility of companies and increase conversions.

Social networks are a channel that is increasingly used by the population that contributes to meeting the objectives of any digital strategy.

I hope that the guide to learning how to manage social networks for real estate agents has helped you and that you will start it very soon.

We would appreciate if you could leave us a comment about this article. What is your strategy on Social Networks? Do you think that Social Networks for Realtors are a support or an obstacle? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.

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