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Just like machines, plumbing systems act up with time due to wear of pipes, screws and other things. Fast plumbing repair is necessary to prevent escalation of the problem, which might attract huge expenses. Regular servicing is however better as one is able to nip problems in the bud thus saving money, time and energy.

 Plumbing problems that you can fix on your own:

Low Water Pressure

The faucet is usually the issue but if the pressure of both the hot and cold water is low, the culprit is a blocked aerator. Calcium deposits cause the blockage. Remove the aerator, clean thoroughly, and return it.

Slow draining tub, sink and/or drains

Build-up of hair, dirt, food particles, oils and other debris is usually the problem. Remove the particles using long needles/wires, remove pop-ups, tub stoppers, and clean them. Regularly clear tubs and sinks to prevent accumulation. Running hot water in drains especially kitchen sinks will melt fat deposits away.Blocked drains are caused by accumulation of dirt, misaligned or broken pipes or inadequate gradient. Remove dirt and objects causing the block then run clean water in the drains. Collapsed pipes or insufficient gradient might need you to call professional plumbers.

Leaking Taps

This can be caused by either the O-ring, body washer or jumper valve which might need replacement or tightening. Take care not to over tighten as this causes additional damage. Ensure it’s alright for you to fix such taps yourself as its illegal in some states.

Toilet Issues

They include;

1. Blockages

2. Leaks

3. Running

4. Toilet

5. Flushing Problems.

Remove objects like polyethene paper and use a plunger to clear the block. Replace parts e.g. pipes or cisterns that might be leaking. With age, the flushing unit becomes problematic and should be replaced.

Smelly Sinks

Mold and mildew growth as well as rotting food particles in kitchen sink produce a foul smell. Run hot water mixed with a cleaner through the sink to clear the growth and disinfect. Rinse sinks after use and keep them dry for several hours daily to allow moisture to evaporate. Avoid pouring food particles into the sink and pour through hot water with disinfectant regularly.

Plumbing Tools /equipments

1. Plumbers putty for creating seals that are water resistant

2. Plumbers tape for sealing threaded pipes

3. Locking pliers

4. Basic wrench for accessing hard to reach areas

5. Plunger for unblocking sinks, toilets, drains tubs etc.

6. Hacksaw for cutting plastic and metal pipes, screws, nuts, bolts etc.

7. Screw drivers for loosening and tightening nuts and bolts.

8. Quality of a good plumber in Australia

9. Needle-nose pliers for grasping and tightening tiny parts.

Check that your plumber or plumbing agency provides service warranty. This warranty is only given by professional service providers like the team from


This will give you piece of mind and cover that you are getting the best services with the top experts.

You might have the instant impression that a short term plumber will perform less quality work than a long term plumber, considering that they only fix immediate problems. This is not true. The quality that a plumber will put into their work varies by the plumber. Plumbers who are dedicated to what they do and who put much time and focus into their work will be the ones who pull off a quality job and earn a solid reputation.

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