General Vastu Guidelines for Interior Design

General Vastu Guidelines for Interior Design

Interior Design is a profession concerned with anything that is found inside a space – walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, light, furnishings and furniture. All of these elements are used by interior designers to develop a functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing space for a building’s user.

Vaastu Shastra makes us live in harmony with nature taking advantage of the five basic elements of nature i.e earth, water, fire, air and space and  receiving  the blessing of the Gods of the directions.

There should be more space in North than South, and more in East than West.

If you want to use the mirrors in designing, they should only be used in the North and East area of the house and North & East wall of that area.

Colours (By family we mean that you can use any shade of these colours)

o North- Greens/Blues family

o Northeast- Greens/Blues/Yellow familyo East- Yellow/Silver white family

o Southeast- Red/Orange/Yellow familyo South- Brown/terracotta

o Southwest- Earthy colouro West- Blue

o Northwest- Grey/Green

For Bedrooms

There should be a thick curtain hanged on the South/West windows.

There should be no exposed mirror in the bedroom.

The wardrobe containing cash/valuables should be kept on the South wall facing North, as told.

You should sleep with head towards South.

The bed should be at least 3 inches away from the wall.

The wall behind the back should not have any windows above the bed.

The wife should always sleep on the left hand side of the husband.

The bed should not directly fall in front of the entrance door of the room.

The construction material for the bed should be the wood and the wrought iron beds should be avoided.

The shape of the bed should be a perfect rectangle or square and no irregular shape beds.

∙The mattress used should be a single one. If you’re into natural latex mattresses, which is known for its exceptional sleeping benefits, check this website here

Any door in the house should not produce the creaking noise.


You must have a wall behind your back while cooking, so plan a curtain or a partition.

The cooking gas and the water sink should be maximum distance apart.

Larger windows in the kitchen should be in Eastern side while small ventilators should be placed in South.

The fridge should be in placed in the Southwest corner of the kitchen.

A dishwasher can be placed in the north west of the kitchen.

The microwave, oven, mixer should be placed in SE.


Pooja room

The NE is the most positive direction of the house.

The mandir is perfect.

You should do pooja facing North.

You should have a lot of sunlight in this room so don’t use many curtains.

The legs of the idols should come at your chest level.

The idol of the God should not be more than 10” and less than 2”.

Children’s room

The children should study facing North/East.

Put a pendulum clock on the North wall of the room.

Put any object/cloth of turmeric/sunflower yellow colour for better growth of the children.

No overhead storage should be made above the study table.

Kids must sleep with head towards South.

All the beds should be kept 3” away from the wall.

Doors & Windows

The number of doors on every floor should be even in number and avoiding the multiples of 10.

The number of windows on every floor should be even in number and avoiding the multiples of 10.

The main door should be the tallest of all.

The main door should have two shutters.

The sliding door, preferably should open towards right side while opening.

No three doors should come in a line.

The main door and the last door should not come in the line.


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