What Furniture Goes with Oak Flooring

One of the biggest responsibilities we will ever have as home owners is decorating. It can be incredibly challenging to keep up with the trends or to be able to appropriately match colors, styles, and different décor factors. 

Of course, there are professional interior decorators out there that can offer a lot of guidance but many of us prefer to tackle the task on our own, whether it’s simply to save money or to have our personal touch involved. 

In this guide, we will share with you some tips for decorating a room or a home that has oak flooring. Oak is a rather versatile product to work with and decorating the space is simple overall. 

Check out these recommendations for choosing furniture and décor with oak flooring in place. 

Basic Black or White

Oak tends to be a light color when you’re looking at natural oak. Of course, there are several finishes and stains that are oak colors that can be a bit darker. One popular color is a honey oak or golden oak color, which is more of a light to medium tone. 

If this color is the oak that you are decorating with, we recommend using white or black to really make a pop of color and draw out the natural beauty with simplicity. In a kitchen, this source works really well. In a kitchen, this works really well. You can use white cabinets with black appliances. 

It seems so simple but it looks really majestic and almost has a rustic farmhouse appeal as far as the color tones are concerned. Using white or black or even a combination of both is a good way to ensure you won’t have to worry about any clashing wood colors in the process. 

The effect is contemporary and beautiful but with a flair of simplicity as well. 

Add some Nature

Adding nature can be perfect for any décor. Oak is such a light color that adding other light and fresh particulates can bring out the light in the room. You can add nature simply by placing a flower vase in the center of the room but there are so many other options. 

Adding nature could mean that you create a hand-made table using your hack saws and other tools. Or you have hand-carved artwork on the walls. Another way to incorporate nature is to use drawings or paintings of nature. 

This is a versatile option but nature is always a winning concept for times like these. 

Calming Blue

If you’re looking for a good color besides black or white to use for furniture or possibly even painting, a calm blue color with cool undertones is perfect. Not everyone likes black and white and that’s quite alright. 

Using blue doesn’t mean that your couch has to be a cool blue color. There are plenty of other ways to incorporate blue into your furniture and décor. You can even use a planning tool to try things out and see real illustrations. 

Why blue? There is just something calming in a space when cool blue tones are used. It’s light enough to keep things open and airy without feeling overly bright. Cool blue compliments oak very well. 

Try some of these blue additions or adjustments to the room. 

Paint on the walls

Throw pillows on the sofa

Lampshades and other accents

An area rug 

End tables and small furniture pieces 

Wall hangings 

Blue will truly enhance the beauty of the room and bring appreciation to oak floors as well. 

Metal Functionality

Another great way to make a stand-out impression with oak is to use metal. Furniture with metal has become increasingly popular because it is both simple and modern. Metal really makes oak stand out and pop and gives you a simplistic approach that looks clean and tidy. 

Metal and oak provide you with a pairing of rustic and modern that really enhances the visual appeal of the space. When you pair oak with metal, you will find that the room feels open and inviting while also having a sense of elegance. 

Another great thing about this is that metal décor and furniture pieces often are more affordable than some other materials might be which could make your furniture more affordable to complete the look. 

Versatile Approach

Since oak is such a light color, you really can accomplish a lot of different looks with it. You can take a light or dark approach and they really all work quite well depending on your styling. The biggest challenge is to not meet oak wood flooring with other wood furniture that could clash by design. 

You can choose light colors or statements like yellow or white and keep it simple. You can add in a pop of color. We recommend colors like cool blues, greens, grays, or even purples. These add contrast that will pop without being awkward or gaudy. 

Use the Neutrality

Oak floors make the perfect neutral. As you are planning your space, make the floor the neutral of the room. While some people would paint the walls for neutrality, this is your perfect opportunity to use the floors!

Oak is such a light color that you can’t go wrong this way. You can use patterns and complimentary colors with furniture, the walls, décor, and rugs alike. Let the oak floors tie everything else together in this instance and you really can’t go wrong! 

Remember the colors that compliment oak well and pull in patterns and designs that use these colors. 

Here is a reminder of some good color palettes. Remember to stick to cool shades. 






Deep red


We’ve given you the best inspiration you can possibly find. Now it’s time to make a decision and run with it! Your oak floors are calling and there are so many great options that can really perfect your room and space. 

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and have some fun while you’re choosing your furniture and décor for the space! 

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