How to Choose a Good Kitchen Knife Set for Your Kitchen

How to Choose a Good Kitchen Knife Set for Your Kitchen

Whether you’re cooking fun or a starter in the training school, a good kitchen knife set is essential for you. A sharp, well-balanced knife will make cooking easier and bring more pleasure to the kitchen.

Our top pick is Letcase kitchen knife set, available in various choices, range from budget-friendly stainless steel chef knife set to high-end Damascus kitchen knife set. The number of knives included in the set varies from 2 pieces to 11 pieces.

It’s a hard challenge to find the right set of knives for your kitchen, here are some things you have to consider:

     What kind of a knife and how many types of knife you need depends on the dishes you need to prepare?

     What size of knife can fit your hands well?

     How was the knife’s quality?

     If you know some skills to sharpen your knife by yourself?

     How much money you plan to invest in a good knife set?

Among these factors, the knife’s quality related to many factors, such as the quality of steel, the knife-making craftsmanship, handle materials, sharpness, durability, weight, balance, etc.

So, let’s take a look in detail at what to look for when selecting a good kitchen knife set.

Blade materials

On the knife market, these 4 types of blade materials have been commonly used, that is stainless steel, carbon steel, Damascus steel, and ceramic.

Stainless steel

A stainless steel kitchen knife is the most common type of knife, favored by most people for its easy maintenance and rust resistance, and affordable price. Of course, stainless steel has different types, such as 4CR13,5CR13,7CR15MOV, 9CR15MOV,10CR15MOV, etc. The higher the carbon content, the higher hardness is, the higher requirement in craft, the better the knives.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel can hold edge retention longer than stainless steel knives, but it is easier to become rust, thus, it requires more maintenance, for example, you need to oil the blade with edible oil to avoid rusting. If you are willing to spend time on knives, it could be your choice.

Damascus steel

Damascus steel chef knife set features a razor-sharp blade, long edge retention, and visually pleasing looking. They are the best quality kitchen knives with high resistance to rust, corrosion. In addition, they are well-made forged kitchen knives for great grip and perfect cutting performance.

However, it sold at a relatively expensive price and needs a high grind whetstone to sharpen it. So, learn some sharpening skills is helpful.


The key features of ceramic knives are high sharpness, lightweight, cheap, and rust-proof. But precisely because of its extremely high hardness, it is prone to chip and difficult to resharpen at home. If you don’t care frequently changing new ceramic knives, you can choose it.

In general, with sufficient budget, we recommend trying a high-quality Damascus chef knife set, with a limited budget, start with stainless steel kitchen knife set. If you are a professional chef, a sharp carbon steel knife could be your choice. If you don’t cook often, a cheap ceramic knife set is enough for you.


Normally,there is two main craftsmanship use in knife making process: stamped and forged. Forged knives combine many advantages of the traditional knife-making method, which will make the knife more durable and form a unique pattern during the forged process. While stamped knives use modern technology and machine, in this way, the machine can produce knives more efficiently. Forged knives have better cutting performance than stamped knives.

Weight and Balance

We often consider weight and balance together,because no ideal weight numbers exist. Some chef prefers heavy knife while others prefer lightweight one. It’s more like an issue of preference. However, balance is better to evaluate if the knife is good or not. The weight of a knife should be balanced equally between the knife handle and the blade to offer efficient cutting, or it will be uncomfortable to use.

Knife handle

The material of the knife handle and the details of the polishing are very particular. Generally, good kitchen knives have carefully polished and sanded handles, which are more comfortable and easier to handle. The poor knife handles are generally rough.


Many factors will have an influence on comfort, such as balance, knife handle, bolster, finger guard, etc. Please notice the description of knife manufactures, try to find the knife that is fit your hands comfortable


The tang is part of the blade that runs down the length of the handle. A full tang is better than a half tang due to it offers better balance and a more robust design and less risk of cracking the handle


As we mentioned above, different type of knives delivers different price, you need to think about how much money you are willing to spend on it

Number Of Knife Included in A Set

A complete knife set can include various knife types, find the real one you need. Before you decide what knives you need, we’ll share with you some must-have knives in the kitchen

5 must-have knives in your kitchen

Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is the most commonly used knife in your kitchen and due to its multi-purpose properties. It is used for cutting large tasks. Santoku, Gyuto, Meat cleaver can be alternative to it.

Paring Knife

Paring knife is a mini-version of chef knife, specially designed for small precision task like slicing through vanilla beans or segmenting citrus or peeling apple. 3.5 inch paring knife is the popular choice.

 Serrated Knife

If you happen to love baking, a serrated knife is an ideal choice for slicing any types of cakes, as well as cutting through soft fruit like tomatoes or firm fruits like potatoes.

Boning Knife

Usually, boning knives have 6-inch size flexible and tapered blades, allows easily removing chicken from its bones and filleting fish.

Steak knives

I bet you love your life and totally enjoy your own life. In order to enjoy feasting, make sure you have some right set of steak knives for slicing into those tender morsels like steaks. It adds fun and pleasure to your life.


After reading this article, hope you get to know things that matter when buying a kitchen knife set and know what must-have knives you need. When it comes to good kitchen knife set, you can check Letcase brand to see if it suitable for your needs.

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