13 unique and unconventional hanging planter ideas with pot decoration ideas

If you have a green thumb or are excited about starting gardening in your home but are restricted by the paucity of the space or resources, then here are some vital pot decoration ideas that are both affordable and reliable. 

Even if you are new to the gardening decor ideas or are a pro, using hanging plants ideas for home decor can be an exciting DIY project. These hanging plants are innovative ways to add flowers and greenery to your porch, patio and even garden. You can use plants like ivy, geranium, petunia, etc. to make sure that these blooms prosper in your area.

In some cases, taking care of the hanging garden decoration ideas may seem to be a tricky choice. This is because sticking the plants, succulents, flowers, etc. into the overhead planters may need proper care to make it thrive. For instance – using south facing windows is best for plants that need bright light. Similarly, those needing low light can be placed inside the home. In any of the cases, ensure that your planter has draining holes to prevent overwatering or water logging.  

Using overhead garden decoration ideas

Macramé hanger decor ideas

One of the most affordable yet elaborate hanging planter ideas. You can craft this macramé hanger to hold your planter. You can use them easily or even place them into your porch or using a tree. If you are familiar using twine or yarn Decoration projects, then this can be an easy and effective solution as well. You can bring in few wooden beads or plastic ones decorated using rose gold ornaments to make the design even more interesting. 

Bring in an old chandelier

If you have an old chandelier that you no longer use, then you would gain a perfect opportunity to turn it into a unique outdoor planters or pot decoration ideas. Undoubtedly, you need to make a few changes in this arrangement instead of placing light bulbs. You can use expert help to place smaller pots inside the center to gain the best results. 

Wooden planters as perfect pot decoration ideas

These ideas work best in the form of having garden decoration ideas. These hanging planters are not easy to use and may cost you high. You can use an old wooden pallet and place in the porch. You can also customize the design and make something unique for your home. 

Succulent balls hanging planter ideas

If you are looking for excellent hanging planter ideas, then these can be used for getting the best results. It shows that you can make hanging succulent balls using two repurposed hanging baskets along with a few other accessories. This can easily become the new cynosure of all eyes. Using minor modifications, you can keep these indoors as well. 

Custom DIY decor solutions

Using old belts for home decor

You can hang a flowerpot out at your porch or even deck using old and used leather belts. Use a few belts that are tied up together and connected using a custom hanger for the planter. It is a cool and ingenious method of repurposing old belts and is a unique idea to redesign the home. 

Old tires for garden decoration ideas

You can bring in garden decoration ideas on a budget by upcycling old tires. These can also be repurposed in multiple ways but the one we will be using for the hanging. You need very few supplies like spray paint, soil, chain, weed barriers, etc. You may also opt for multiple wooden planters for the best results. 

The tiered planters

Another great hanging plants ideas that arises post using DIY craft. You can create the tiered hanging planters that can in turn hold multiple pots for the best results. You can also opt for planting herbs and using these as herb gardens, but the design of the outcome is sturdy and excellent. You can hence have all your potted plants laid out in a row. 

Similarly, you can go for hanging terrariums since it looks beautiful and elegant. You can also add fairy lights and create an elegant design.

Birdcage planters

Add this magical hanging plants ideas by upcycling an old birdcage as a planter. Yes, you can also hang it out by the balcony after giving it a touch of golden and silver spray paint. 

Similarly, if you have a few old hats, you can upcycle these for bizarre Decoration projects. Hang these from a wall or cut a hole on the hat and then plant stems. Once done, it will make a unique decor idea as plants seem to grow out of the same.

Unique ideas that work wonders

Plants that decorate the rails

Use hanging planter ideas to adorn the steel railing and is an extremely great idea for a small garden space. Similarly, flowers work well in this deck rail plant or hanger space or smaller herbs, lettuce or even peppers.

Similarly, you can go for using tomato plants in quirky homemade bucket pots that are attached to a fence. Using this over the fence plant hangers by growing tomato, you can create an excellent and beautiful decor idea on a slim budget. 

 Colorful hanging planters

Adding the plants to the decor is an awesome decor idea that can bring splashes of shades to any room. Similarly, you need to have floral plants that have dark foliage and then put these inside the neutral toned pots. Using the idea, you can easily bring classic design alive with a twist. 

You can easily get best results by using boldly coloured planters made from macramé. You can place a gold gilded mirror to create a lush and green illusion that looks awesome in the living room area. 

Hook based planters 

To avoid having to attach a hook to the home, you can take this hanging basket illusion idea. You can bring in a stand to place the same bib the home and its entrance. 

Hanging seashell planters

You need some large conch shells along with threads. Use this to create soil trailing succulents or use air plants to get the best results.

Similarly, mason jars are an awesome hanging plants idea. You can use these after clamping in on the walls. Another great idea is to use the wine bottles filled with ivy to decorate your Outdoor spaces.

Using tin cans as hanging plants ideas

If you have anything in mind about hanging plants ideas then you can use tin cans in your home and then introduce annuals, succulents or herbs, etc. 

Using the easy hanging succulent planters with a tray or shallow pot can be an effective way to make the best of the same. Hang the tray with the help of threads and twine after using the right results. Similarly, you can opt to place candles, fir cones, etc. However, you need to avoid placing these in a windy space to overcome issues of damage. 

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