Brushed Flooring: All You Need To KnowWire

Flooring does not need to be boring. The presence of wire-brushed flooring has revolutionized the flooring industry, transforming boring old tiles into textured smooth planks.

The unique textured planks of wire-brushed flooring have made this technique popular and highly sought for. This has escalated the wire brushed flooring imploring homeowners to consider this flooring technique.

Wire brushed flooring consists of hardwood floor planks that are rubbed with a steel rotary wire brush to create a textured and deeper meaning. This texturing of the wood creates a unique look to the finished product thus making it a must-have for modern townhouses. 

The wire brushed flooring can be smooth and glossy or rough and textured. The difference between the two is the fact that the latter has been distressed deeply leaving a rustic and the weather. 

The depth of the texture depends on the buyer. There are light textures that seem to have only grazed the surface, and there are deep and heavy. As different clients have different tastes and needs, the presence of both textures is available after use.

So which wood is best suited for wire brushed flooring?

Wire brushed flooring works well with wood that does not flake or crumble. A sturdier and firmer wood is ideal for wire brushing. Therefore hardwoods are the ideal wood type.

After choosing the type of tree, understanding the finish type is important. For the wire brushed flooring, a matte finish will look perfect. This will enhance the rustic look and give the house a general sophistication. 

There are different types of wire-brushed flooring available. It is important to visit your local dealer’s listing to be able to choose amongst the numerous options available. Some local dealers often offer their clients free samples to go and check whether the color will go with the furniture. 

Next, finding the right contractor familiar with installing the wire brushed flooring is important. Always make sure that the contractor is certified and has completed the required training. A valid license for operations is also needed. These factors ensure that the buyer does not take on amateurs and ruin the flooring already bought. 

Benefits of wire-brushed flooring

There are numerous benefits of wire-brushed flooring as seen below:


Wire brushed flooring gives longevity properties as the rough texture does not require constant cleaning or scrapping. The natural-looking finish is durable and gives the user the option of choosing a smooth finish over a distressed finish. 

Ease of maintenance

Wire brushed flooring does not require much work. The textured and rough floor remains ideal for cleaning as it does not require constant cleaning. This rough flour also makes this type of flooring ideal for busy surfaces, as most scratches and damage are rarely noticed until after some time. This flour is also not susceptible to damage or scratches as it is also weathered. 

Attractive and authentic features 

The wire brushed flooring is comprised of a superbly weathered and structured rustic look that pairs with rustic and antique furniture. The hardwood has a beautiful and engineering texture. 

Ideal for all furniture types

Modern furniture designs can also be incorporated with this floor to give off spectacular and attractive features. This flooring can be used in any area of the home, apart from bathrooms or toilets. 


The old flooring options either planks or ceilings are not unique as they have been used over the years time and time again. Wire brushed flooring is a new concept as it brings out a unique and one-of-a-kind technique that is most likely here to stay. The rough texture also strays awareness from the norm and paved the way for more experimental textures and designs to come up and fill in the gap that has characterized traditional floorings.


This type of flooring has a tactile and sturdy feel, and one isn’t afraid of slipping up or tripping. This creates reliability especially if they are for use where children and fast activity is being done to prevent slipping up. This provides better protection than smooth floors. 


Wire brushed flooring is inexpensive. It is cheaper than hardwood and gives out the same effect. 

Thermo insulation

As opposed to tiles, hardwood is a great component for thermal insulation. Cold and harsh waters can make the home remains dull and make inhabitants susceptible to the common flu. 

The cost of wire-brushed flooring

Despite saying earlier it was cost-effective to opt for a wire brushed flooring, this entirely depends on whether the floor has convenience. For instance, prefinished wired brushed wood retailers can range between $5 to $10. The cost of this is per square feet to correctly place the pricing on the wall. 

Maintenance and care of wire-brushed flooring

The wire brushed flooring however needs proper care and maintenance. For instance, too much water might make the floor likely to start uprooting and wear out.  

As this type of flooring has crevices and nooks on the surface, cleaning it can be a bit of a challenge. This is because most of the dirt accumulated will have collected inside these crevices thus forming grime or a layer of dust and dirt. It is mandatory to regularly clean these hidden corners to ensure that the floor lasts longer and is in good condition.

Cleaning the surface of this flooring should also be done with the utmost care. The care is to ensure that the textured parts on the floor are not destroyed by smoothening out the surface. If cleaning the floor deems tedious, it is best to hire professionals to handle the cleanliness of the floor. In so doing, they will help refrain the quality and structure of the wood. 

All in all, it is important to research adequate flooring options depending on the style you would like to have in your home or office. This goes a long way in ensuring that one chooses an item solely based on their appearance. 

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