6 Tips for Designing a Tasteful Wine Cellar in Your Home

If you’re looking to take on a new home improvement project and always buy wine online and stock them, you won’t go wrong with turning a vacant spot in your house into a wine cellar.

A well-designed cellar can help maintain your wine’s quality and maturation. Moreover, this home feature can make it easier to arrange your collection and keep your wines organised.

A well-built wine cellar can also add appeal and value to your home – things that all homeowners want.

Another perk of building a wine cellar in your home is that you don’t need a large space for this feature. You can create one even in a small area, such as a closet, pantry, or corner of your living or dining room.

How to Have the Wine Cellar of Your Dreams

Creating the right design is the first step to having a tasteful wine cellar in your home.

Below are some tips for designing a functional and aesthetically pleasing wine cellar on your first try:

1. Consider the available space.

Wine cellars come in different types.

Although your preference and budget may be your top considerations for choosing a specific type, you shouldn’t ignore one key element: the area where you plan to build your wine cellar.

If space is limited, a simple wine wall is an excellent option. A glass-enclosed wine shelf or wall allows you to store and display plenty of bottles without taking up valuable ground space.

Another option is small-space racks. Like wine walls, they do not take up ground space and enable you to make the most out of your available vertical space.

Wine racks are also customisable, which means you can have one made to fit your available space.

If space isn’t a problem, you can choose from among the following types:

Wine cellar room

This type allows you to use your wine cellar as an additional entertainment or leisure room. Aside from having racks, shelves, or cabinets, you need to have a table, chairs or a bar to complete the space and have a place where you can relax and hang out with your fellow wine aficionados and enjoy a glass or two.

Cave style

Traditional wine caves are built underground or onto the side of the hill. You can have a wine cellar with the look and feel of a cave by having one constructed in your basement.


Glass-enclosed wine cellars are popular options today since they let you display your collection effortlessly. Moreover, you can have this feature in the basement, kitchen, and any area in your home as long as it is spacious enough.

1. Decide on the style.

Having an aesthetically pleasing wine cellar will depend greatly on your choice of design style or theme.

Wine cellars can be traditional, rustic, gothic, modern, or transitional. The key is to choose one that meets your personal style and preference.

However, if you are having the wine cellar built in your living or dining room, you might want to consider its current interior design theme.

If the area highlights a contemporary, modern, or traditional style, consider going the same route with your wine cellar so that it follows the overall design of your home. Doing so ensures that your abode maintains cohesion and consistency, a crucial element of a beautiful interior design.

And once you have selected your wine cellar’s design style, make sure to choose the right materials that embody it.

For instance, a modern cellar will feature glass, metal, and concrete style materials. On the other hand, a traditional one will make use of wood and rustic components.

2. Modify lighting.

When designing your wine cellar, modifying the lighting in your chosen spot is a must. This is because extremely bright lights and lamps release heat that can affect the quality of your wine collection.

Start looking for low-heat lighting and soft light options, such as LEDs, since they can keep your wine cold.

Mix accent lighting, pendant lighting, chandeliers, and backlights to illuminate your collection and make your wine cellar more eye-pleasing.

However, even if you have the correct lighting, remember to keep the illumination minimum when turning on the lights to minimise their effects on your wine collection.

3. Choose the right flooring material.

Like lighting, the floor also plays a crucial role in making your wine cellar conducive for your collection and appealing.

The best flooring materials for a wine cellar are those that do not trap moisture, stay dry, and last long.

One option you can consider is laminate flooring. This multi-layer synthetic flooring product does not absorb and collect moisture. It dies quickly as well.

Laminated floors also come in various designs. As such, you’ll be able to find one that works with the style or theme you have in mind for your wine cellar.

4. Think about shelving.

When thinking about the shelves, consider how often you buy your wine and the sizes of bottles you usually get.

If you usually buy only one or two bottles at a time, you can have a simple one-or-two-deep bottle system installed.

However, if you tend to buy six to 12 bottles from liquor stores in Dubai, make sure your shelves can accommodate these usual numbers.

Ensure the shelves or racks are adjustable or come in different heights so that they can fit various sizes of bottles.

5. Ensure you can sustain the right temperature in the wine cellar.

Wines intended for long-term storage do well in temperatures between 55 to 58° Fahrenheit. They should also be stored in a place with humidity levels of 50% to 70%.

These conditions help maintain the quality of your stored wines and their final taste when they are done aging. They also prevent the wine corks from becoming dry, which can affect the taste of the wine.

Due to these necessary conditions, the basement is often the best place for a wine cellar.

However, if you’re not having your cellar built in the basement, you can achieve the same conditions by installing a wine cooling system or an air conditioner and humidifier.

Installing a hygrometer can also help you monitor and maintain the humidity levels in your wine cellar.

A wine cellar is a must-have feature if you love drinking and collecting wines. You can have this functional and tasteful space in your home when you follow these design tips.

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